Rank & File

Rank & File

“The people who form the major portion of a group, organization, or
society, excluding the leaders and officers.”

Rank & File is a rapcore band from Breda that was formed in 2012.
Since it was founded the band has been writing its own material
getting inspiration from a fast-changing and complex world in which
religion, corruption, technology, money and power function as pillars
for societies. Rank & File plays with anger, frustration, sarcasm, but
most of all; passion for rapcore.

Rapcore is a cross-over of rap and rock. Rank & File has a unique
sound that combines strong rhythmic drums and a characteristic heavy
bass with shredding guitar solo’s and high-pitched rap vocals.
Performances of Rank & File are very energetic. Whether or not it’s
your taste; this band will keep your eyes glued to the stage.

Similar bands are: Rage Against the Machine, The Urban Dance Squad and
The Beastie Boys although Rank & File gets its inspiration from lots
of other artists.

Drums: Amadeüs Johannis
Bass: Eduard Bollebakker
Guitar: Peter Westerlaken
Vocals: Leon Heesterbeek

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